Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tough day at the office

No details, sorry. Just a tough day today. Sometimes you feel appreciated, and things click. Seems almost magical. Other days, you take a kick in the teeth. Inevitably, you gotta get back up and go on... but today was a tough day.

Sorry, nothing pithy (is there EVER anything pithy in this part of the neighborhood?). No rants, no raves.

Oh, I did find out that an old college friend has a brain tumor. The form of cancer he has is incurable. I'm on a roll, if you've read my past posts. Lots o' people sick and dying. Must be something about getting older, I suppose. This particular person is only 39 years old though. I found out today that he's gay-- I never knew that. What a silly debate, whether homosexuality is chosen. I've known LOTS of people who have struggled with homosexuality, some have had thoughts of suicide, many have suffered depression, many have been scorned by friends and family. What an odd "choice." What is it with people who need to believe that these "sinners" are choosing their "lifestyle"? I don't remember choosing to be heterosexual. My gay friends tell me they don't recall any time in their lives when they felt attracted to members of the other sex. EVER. They recall a time when they were confused, because they weren't interested in them, but not ever attracted to them.

Doesn't matter, a wonderful human being, perhaps one of the nicest guys, most intelligent, warm, sincere, enthusiastic people I've ever known, is dying at age 39. He's a doctor, incredibly bright. He's touched hundreds, probably thousands of lives. And somewhere in the world tonight there are people who, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, will go to bed convinced that "God hates fags."

Couple that with the day I had at the office, and what do you get?
I gotta go to bed. Too much for one day. I think I'll go pray for awhile. The Jesus Christ I know and love reaches out to me and loves me no matter who I am, no matter what choices I make. His followers might occasionally try to paint people into corners, but He doesn't.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Follow up

I started to write this as a followup to a previous post, but thought I'd better start a new one...

I was, of course, being facetious about which sins we should screen for among clergy... But just to clarify:
  1. Homosexuality is not a choice; these people are being singled out because of who they are. Any protestations otherwise are misguided, and merely a convenience to justify the hatred felt their persecutors feel toward them. It is interesting to me how uncomfortable some people feel about their own feelings, and the distortions they generate to rationalize them.
  2. Look at the Bible as a whole... how important is this issue, in the overall scheme of things? So important that Christ spent, well... how much time did he spend discussing homosexuality? How many parables?
  3. While we are at it, which topics do continually come up? The issues of love, compassion, helping the less fortunate... Christ didn't say that you're more likely to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a homosexual to enter heaven, did he? Maybe we're reading different Bibles.

My point is that there are many things that Christ brought to our attention, and we happily look away from. How many Christians fawn over t.v. preachers who live in opulent homes, drive expensive cars and wear fancy duds? These rich pastors aren't choosing their behaviors? We are ALL human, we all make choices, and all of us (including pastors) make some bad ones. Why waste time persecuting people for being who they are, when we could spend more productive time examining our own behaviors and comparing them with the teachings and example of Christ. Book of Matthew anyone? Life is short, place nice.