Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I mentioned in a previous post that I've been thinking about prayer of late. I think to myself "how can I possibly ask God for anything? He knows what I need, and to be honest, I'm horrible at knowing what I need." Let's be honest... how many times have you wanted something really badly, and then later find out that you shouldn't have wished for it at all? I feel presumptuous asking for just about anything-- except guidance and comfort, that is. I'm not talking about praying for a new car here, I'm talking about praying for better health or praying for the health of others. Even then I think "I don't know what "The Plan" is, so should I lobby for a particular course of events?"

But then a pastor and friend of mine mentioned that he believes that God wants to be involved, wants to be asked. That's an interesting thing. So if I pray for someone else to recover from cancer, or that someone find a job, do you think God finds that presumptuous? Or, is that something that God would find delight in, since by asking we are acknowledging that He is the Creator, capable of intervention? I guess maybe I should go back to asking for things again. Otherwise, my prayers are pretty short... variations on "Thy will be done Lord; please grant us comfort and the courage to handle what comes our way."


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