Friday, October 29, 2004


What does it mean when something that you enjoy so much seems to continually get pushed to the back burners? It means you need to realign priorities, I think. That is, I need to realign priorities.

I've thought about the blog and posting (or rather, not posting) and what it means. I usually think about it when I can't possibly get to the computer... when I'm in the car, or when I'm doing a family activity, or away from home.

I honestly enjoy blogging, reading the thoughts of others, musing aloud. My life is just crazy these days. Way too much work on my plate, way too many activities.

I actually do have things to blog about this time around. Here's a starter...

I can't wait for the election to be over. I cannot bear for another minute the silly, mindless name-calling that US politicians resort to. Why is it that people we disagree with must be seen as buffoons and/or evil? Can intelligent people have honest disagreements about policy? Of course they can, and the upcoming election is about many policy differences. But why, then, do we have to resort to claiming that candidates and/or voters who don't share OUR opinions must therefore be less informed, less worthy, less ethical?

I'm not a Pollyana, I believe there are lots of corrupt politicians. And I understand that the motivations behind legislative agendas are less than transparent, and often not official lines bandied about in the press. But does one party have a corner on that market? For eight years I listened to people talk about Bill Clinton as if he were scum, an idiot, an immoral person. Those same people look dismayed that someone would allege that George W. Bush would be accused of being less than intelligent, or that he has made unwise decisions. "Traitorous"? There is plenty of blame to go around, but isn't it odd how Democrats and Republicans can see so clearly the misdeeds of those in the OTHER party, but rationalize just about everything done by their OWN party?

Smacks of those playground interactions we had as first-graders, doesn't it?
"Sally has cooties."
"Do NOT!"
"Do TOO!"
"You guys are ucky!"
"No, YOU are."

Sigh. Let's hope it is over and done with next Tuesday, and that it doesn't get dragged into the Supreme Court this time around.