Saturday, September 25, 2004

Life and death...

Take a look at this article about gun cabinet locks that can be picked with a Bic pen. Remember the story that went around blogdom and mainstream media about a week ago, concerning Kryptonite bike locks that could be easily picked the same way? That made a huge buzz. So far, not so much as a peep about this spinoff story.

How many of these cabinets are out there? How many people keep guns in them, potentially loaded guns? How many children are in danger?

I hope this gets picked up and spread soon. Bad bike locks? Yes, it would be bad to find one's bicycle has been stolen. But imagine what happens when a twelve-year-old finds out that Dad's gun cabinet has the same kind of lock, and gives it a try.

Please, Internet community, work your magic on this one. I just visited a couple of stores in my area, and the company involved still has plenty of product on showroom floors... as though nothing is wrong. Someone is going to buy one of those cabinets today, and put weapons in it, and go to bed with a false sense of security.