Monday, June 21, 2004

Please, take just a moment to pray...

... for these young people and their leaders who will very soon be doing a mission project. This coming weekend they will be traveling to an impoverished Native American (US) reservation where they will be doing important work for the folks there. If you could, please take just a second to pray for them and leave a comment to let them know you did? You needn't post your prayer, just an acknowledgement that you've been here-- I plan to print a copy of the list and send it to them (nice to get mail from home and kind thoughts when you are a teenager away from home, huh?). Remember, you can post anonymously if you aren't comfortable leaving your name. :) I just thought it might be nice to let them see that others know about them and have prayed for them. And if you have a moment, pass this on to a friend who might stop by.

Their names are: Meg, Pennie, Andy, Andrea, Kyle, Andrew, Ali, Paige, James, Devin, Trisha, Jon, Jessica, Jessie, Angela and Magy

God bless them and guide them as they do God's work. May they be strengthened by the experience!


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Many blessings in your work,

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